Monday, July 9, 2007

mortgage lead

At Client Shop our mission is to provide the highest quality Non-Exclusive Mortgage leads at affordable prices. Our leads are converting better than the competition because we verify and authenticate the consumer's interest in receiving quotes on a daily basis. Our proprietary 6QC quality control process is unmatched in the industry. We are proud to release information from our nation wide lenders that Clientshop has consistently ranked in the Top 5 of their best converting lead providers. Call now and learn how our leads can yield revenue and deliver excellent ROI for your company.
We are a Mortgage Refinance Lead Generation Company providing the highest quality mortgage leads. We provide Internet Mortgage Leads that are fresh and carefully filtered to provide accurate data. As a Mortgage Lead Company we sell non-exclusive mortgage loan leads to lenders and brokers. Receive Internet Mortgage Loan Leads in real time with detailed information with up to 30 fields.Our Internet mortgage leads are collected from multiple websites and our filters allow you to customize the leads you want to receive. The mortgage loan leads will be waiting for your call and sometimes might call you themselves. As a mortgage lead company we give you the right to submit a lead for refund.
Client Shop Inc.909 N. Sepulveda Blvd.El Segundo, CA 90245

How it works!
Client comes onto the Internet and finds through our Internet advertisements and search engine placement. (We do not use spam, ever) The Client then completes the form on
Our database instantly sorts the lead based on filters and matches it up exclusively to only one buyer.
If you are the match your name, phone, e-mail, company name and a customizable e-mail about you and your company are instantly sent to the client. Also the clients information including over 40 fields about them is sent to you in an e-mail with the lead also included in an Excel attachment.
You contact the client who is already expecting your call, knows your name and knows about your company. Sometimes the client will even contact you first. This process eliminates the "cold calling" that is typical of other lead sources and provides a higher quality lead.
As a customer of you’ll enjoy an extensive amount of lead management tools that allow you to add notes and keep track of each lead, submit a lead for a refund, change your filters, customize an e-mail about you that is sent to each client, turn on or off your lead flow and much more all at no additional charge.
Why our leads are better!
Leads are called for verification by our in-house call center representatives before they are approved.
No set up fees.
No long term contracts.

Our leads are generated
from only one web site so you know where
the lead comes from every time.
We offer filters so you can customize the lead to your exact preferences. You never get a lead you can't use.
We refund any lead that is not legitimate.
Our Client Testimonials are outstanding.
Our client retention rate is over 95%.

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